Product Prices

Box Models
HD Elite
(Code: 100) $730
Full Size Standard (Code: 200) $596
48" Hunter's Chest (Code: 300) $590
60" Hunter's Chest (Code: 301) $648
Dog Box (Code: 4042T) $1010
Dog Box (Code: 4848T) $1020

The Bow Hammock
40" Solid Colors
(Code: BH-40) $130
46" Solid Colors (Code: BH-46) $130

The Gun Hammock
52" Solid Colors
(Code: GH-52) $130

Suspension Systems
Installation Kit
(Code: IK) $25
Combo Rod (Code: COMBO) $25

Ordering Instructions:

Send an email to including the following information:
1.  Name, phone number, and commercial shipping address
2.  Truck make, model, year, and cab style
3.  The product code for each item
4.  The camo pattern and base coat color (black, bronze/brown, or white)

Please Note:
- Shipping, handling and applicable sales tax will be calculated and included in your   
  invoice total
- Your order will be placed once payment is received
- Shipping cost is reduced for quantity orders shipped to the same address
- All box models are shipped by semi via Yellow Freight
- Prices effective February 1, 2017