How It Works

Stay Puts:
  • Make sure the black end cap on the end of the hammock rod is centered on the support rod.
  • Using your finger, pull the nylon loop to stretch the stay-put out over the end of the hammock rod until secured.
  • The rubber material on both the end cap and stay-put prevents any sliding from occurring.


Travel Mode & Hunting Mode:

The Bow Hammock™ rod width is fully adjustable, providing 2 optional set-ups.


  • Travel Mode:  The Bow Hammock™ rods are positioned closer together and secured with the stay-puts, allowing for the case to be easily zipped shut and providing additional space for multiple Bow Hammocks™ or gear.


  • Hunting Mode:  This set up is used when quick & easy insertion and removal of your bow is essential.  With the Bow Hammock™ completely unzipped, position the rods farther apart on one end of the hammock – making sure that your bow can be inserted/removed easily without obstruction – and securing each rod with the stay-puts.  Only one side of the Bow Hammock™ needs to be adjusted to allow for easy insertion/removal of bow.  It is up to you to decide which method of inserting your bow is most comfortable and adjusting the corresponding side of the hammock to accommodate this.  Concealed Outdoors™ suggests using “hunting mode” for to and from the field excursions, but recommends “travel mode” for extended periods of travel.  Your bow is still completely protected in both modes.


To Insert or Remove Bow:

  • With the Bow Hammock™ already installed and secured in place with stay-puts, completely unzip the top.  Unhook 1 stay-put to free the end of one of the hammock rods and expand the width of the opening – insert your bow – return the hammock rod to its original position – and secure the stay-put.  The Bow Hammock™ can now be zipped shut.  Repeat these steps in reverse order to remove your bow.



The Quiver Pocket:

  • Each Bow Hammock™ is equipped with a large quiver pocket that accommodates the most common removable quivers and arrow lengths.
  • Simply unzip the quiver pocket – insert quiver – and zip shut.



Additional Accessory Pockets:

  • Located on the opposite side of the quiver pocket are 2 larger accessory pockets.
  • These accessory pockets are expandable with Velcro closures and sized to accommodate a variety of bow accessories and other essential gear.


To Remove:

  • To remove the Bow Hammock™ and use it as a standard bow case, unhook all 4 stay-puts and lift the Bow Hammock™ vertically out of the chest or cross-over box.  The Bow Hammock™ rods can be removed or left in place to suit your needs.